Free shipping for domestic orders above SGD$10

Free shipping for domestic orders above S$10

Frequently Asked Questions
- Seller

     1.       What are the items accepted for sale?

We accept all types of preloved clothing and apparels for women, men and children. However, certain clothing are not accepted:

·         Undergarments

·         Swimwear

·         Winter clothes

RE:VIVE NOW strives to prolong the use of fabric for as long as possible. The following categories of preloved clothing and apparel shall be treated as Reject and pay out as per the stated rate on our website

·         Stained clothes

·         Torn clothes

·         Discoloured clothes

·         Pilling clothes

·         Signs of alterations

·         Clothes with loose stitching and broken zipper

·         School t-shirts and uniforms

·         Corporate t-shirts and uniform


     2.       How do I sell?

Click on the “Start Selling” button located on our Sell webpage. Then kindly fill in the form and select the payment options and pick up day.  We will revert to you via WhatsApp within 3-5 working days.


     3.       How are the price (buy) determined?

RE:VIVE NOW aims to be inclusive and incorporate a wide range of preloved clothing and apparel category and target types for our SELL Package. Price range offered are based on fabric material, resale value, availability of lining and condition (signs of wear and tear) of apparel.


     4.       How do I get paid?

Depending on the choice listed on your Sell form, you will be paid via store credits or cash payout via PayNow. Payment will be made within 14 working days from date of offer confirmation via WhatsApp.


     5.       Do you accept donations instead of sell?

Yes, we do appreciate your kind donation. Click on the “I want to DONATE instead” and fill in the donation form.