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Where can you find a commercial makerspace in Singapore?

So what is the makerspace in Singapore? A makerspace encourages enterprenuership supporting a circular economy to recycle or upcycle extensively.

Makerspaces or creative spaces enables and catalyses ideas for Upcycling that can revive now in Singapore. Makerspace does not restrain or restrict ideas because of lack of tools. Commercial maker space usually provides essential crafting tools for which include crafting table, cutters, buttons and so on. The makerspace also provide craft materials like used linen, cotton yarn from used cotton tops, preferably used or scrap faux and authentic leathers to revive now used jeans or used tops and more. 

Additionally, a maker space may offer full function sewing machines, for example from Bernina, which are top of the line sewing machines for quilting and embroidery. Embroidered products first go through a digitisation process for the image that will be processed using a Bernina Embroidery Software  and then transferred to the sewing machine to be embroidered. In booking  the makerspace, time has to be allocated for embroidery stitching, as an example a 15,000 embroidery stitches can take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes whereas a 50,000 embroidery stitches will make you stay at the maker space for 3 hours or more. The longer the wait the more detailed and beautiful embroideries can be achieved. However, embroidered fabric is an art that is worth the wait.

Crafting is a another great choice for personal gift or corporate gifts in Singapore. Bespoke gifts are very much welcomed as it makes the gift made at a makerspace feel personalised and unique.

Corporate gifts developed at a makerspace will not look mass produced in a factory because the no two product will be exactly the same,  recycled materials like used linen, cotton yarn from used cotton tops, used faux and authentic leather are in small quantities so each gift can be unique. Crafting also demonstrate your “woke” on sustainability and awareness on textile waste.

Happy making and revive now at the Creative Spaces.