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Free shipping for domestic orders above S$10

Theo 5 aka Biker Chic

This plush, cuddly, soft-shelled friend is made from 80% destashed and recycled fabric. That means that every single Theo is one-of-a-kind, no two are alike!

By bringing a Theo home, you help save the planet by prolonging the life of the recycled fabric used to make him. Every bit of fabric saved counts, as the lives of millions of sea creatures could be saved with cleaner waters to live in.

Bring home a Theo today and play your part in saving the planet!

Special feature: Cool faux leather helmet that you can put on Theo whenever the time calls for it

Material: Cotton, Faux leather, Felt and Fiberfill

Dimension: 7.9 inches (~20 cm) by 7.5 inches (~19 cm)

Condition: New

SKU: 411212-0005158

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