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About Us

About Us

RE:VIVE NOW aims to be the catalyst in shaping the social fabric towards a sustainable culture in recycling and upcycling of textiles to secure the future of our generations to come.

Upcycling Projects for Friends and Family

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Come One, Come All!

Today, we present to you a RE:VIVE NOW Special! With our launching of new Workshops, now everyone can upcycle! Here are some crafting workshops you can sign up for; from Family Bonding activities to Fashionista experiences!

Family Bonding

Looking for an activity that’s fun for the whole family? Look no further!

Baby Bibs

Want to freshen up your baby’s dinner party look? Look no further! This workshop will guide you in making a brand-new bib for your child. With your choice of materials from our selection of destashed fabrics, customise your baby’s look with a bib that’s perfect for the runway (or maybe just the dining table!).

Duration: 2-3 hours

Baby Shoes Workshop

Get crafty and create your own pair of baby shoes for your little one or as a gift. Choose from a variety of styles (Sneakers, Mary Janes, Booties or Strap Shoes) and we’ll guide you through the crafting process step by step.

Duration: 4 hours

Animal Doll Workshop

Craft the animal kingdom as a family, stitch by stitch! Browse our catalogue of animal styles from fluffy lions to fuzzy penguins! Choose your material and we’ll turn it into a kit for you to bring your new furry friend to life!

Duration: 2-3 hours


From trendy accessories to sustainable custom wear, here are some wardrobe-friendly workshops!

Upcycle Me Beautiful Workshop

Add a splash of colour to your jeans or tops while saving the planet! Create a “BEAUTIFUL” applique or any words of your choice from our selection of materials, perfect for refreshing your apparel! Save the planet, and look great while doing it!

Duration: 3 hours

Mask With An Accent Workshop

Want to learn how to make a face mask? We’ve got you covered. Create and personalise your mask with our selection of destashed fabrics or bring your own materials. Breathe new life to our textiles, complete with an adjustable nose bridge and elastic ear loops!

Duration: 2-3 hours

Fabric And Faux Leather Earrings

Going green has never been this fashionable! Craft a pair of earrings made from your choice of fabric and faux leather and bring home an accessory that makes a statement.

Duration: 2 hours

Come Together

These special programmes are the perfect way to spend time with your friends and family!

Mummy’s Day Out

Every Wednesday, RE:VIVE NOW Creative Spaces is transformed. We’ve created a special experience just for mummies! With play tables and toys to keep your little ones busy, get crafty with all kinds of projects; from baby shoes to trendy pouches!

Duration: 3 hours

Awesome Foursome

Many hands make light work! Come together in a group of 4 and craft to your heart’s content! Get creative with our selection of tools and materials for a one-of-a-kind bonding experience!

Duration: 4 hours

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